New Zealand Working Holiday Tax Refund

When you work legally in New Zealand, you have to pay tax and will pay between 12-38% income tax on what you earn. Like Australia, you can apply to get your tax refund when the tax year ends. The New Zealand tax years begins April 1st and ends on March 31st of the next year.
If you work in NZ for the entire tax year, you can apply for the tax refund when the tax year ends. If you leave early before the tax year ends, you can apply for it from home. It should take a few months for the refund to be processed. You apply for your tax refund to the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD). You have to complete 2 forms - the
IR50 and the IR3 - if you apply for your tax refund before April. If you apply in April or afterwards, you only have to submit the IR3 form.

Theres 2 easy ways to file for the refund yourself:

1. Contact the IRD at least one month before you leave NZ and tell them you want to apply for your tax refund since your working holiday is ending. They will send you forms to fill out for the refund and instructions on how to fill them out. You must provide back account details in order for the tax to be refunded.

2. Fill out the IR3 form (and IR50 form if necessary) and attach the final summary payslips that you get from all of the jobs you've had while in NZ. Also, send a copy of your airline ticket home which shows the date of your flight. Lastly, give them your bank details so they can deposit the refund there. Or you can give them your mailing address and they can mail you a cheque. It may be difficult to cash a NZ cheque in your country though.

You can find out more about filing for your New Zealand working holiday tax refund at the Inland Revenue Department webpages.

Definitely look at the tax refund information BEFORE you leave for New Zealand so that you understand the process and know how to get as much tax back as possible.